How to prepare a tasty Balsamic Vinegar vinaigrette to flavour all your dishes.

by Andrea Brentegani

A fresh salad dressed with a delicious Balsamic Vinegar Vinaigrette. Perfection!

To dress salads, you can use a wide variety of dressings. One of the most common is olive oil, but it is well known that, used in excessive quantities, it is not really ideal if you are following a diet (even if extra virgin). The solution is to integrate it with an excellent Balsamic Vinegar which, in addition to making it less caloric, enhances its taste.


Tasty Balsamic Vinegar Vinaigrette

An excellent dressing can be the vinaigrette prepared with Balsamic Vinegar. By preparing the Balsamic Vinegar Vinaigrette at home we can choose the quality of the ingredients we use, and the proportions. In addition to dressing the salad we can use it to dress other vegetables such as zucchini and green beans, slices of meat and bresaola.

The vinaigrette can be prepared with red or white wine vinegar but the best and tastiest flavor is obtained with Balsamic Vinegar. The quality of the Balsamic Vinegar and its rigorous processing method gives way to a product of fine workmanship, which gives the vinaigrette a unique taste.

The recipe

Now let’s see the method to prepare the Balsamic Vinegar Vinaigrette in the comfort of our kitchen. It is important to highlight that there are no universally valid proportions for everyone, but we usually proceed in this way.  The ingredients and doses used are as follows:

– 2/3 of extra virgin olive oil

– 1/3 of vinegar

salt as you prefer, usually half a teaspoon.

We must then procure a small bottle or jar with a lid, which we are going to use in order to mix all the ingredients together to create our Balsamic Vinegar Vinaigrette. By preparing the vinaigrette with the bottle we can store it for the next few days. When we want to reuse it, we must remember to shake the bottle a little bit to combine the emulsion. Oil and balsamic vinegar tend to separate, so before using it, in order to reform a homogeneous emulsion, proceed as just written.

If you want to give your vinaigrette that extra touch of flavour, we recommend using Cervia salt.

If, instead, we intend to prepare the vinaigrette and use it the right away as a condiment, all we need to do is blend together salt and vinegar with a fork and then add oil, continuing to mix the ingredients with the fork. In doing so, we will immediately have a tasty vinaigrette that will add flavour to all our dishes.

An olive oil that we feel we should recommend for its quality and for its ability to combine perfectly with the vinaigrette is this.

As seen, preparing the vinaigrette is really simple and immediate. We recommend using a quality and possibly aged Balsamic Vinegar. Many chefs and cooking experts, when preparing their vinaigrettes, recommend using a quality Balsamic Vinegar, possibly traditional DOP. With this choice we will not be disappointed and the alchemy of flavours that we will achieve will be enviable.