About Us

Who is Sweetaly?
Sweetaly is a reality created by a young Italian several years ago. Alessandro (Alex to his friends) loved Italian food and still loves it, he wanted to make it known to the whole world, but how? The box! So he created a young and enthusiastic team to embark on a wonderful journey with him. An all-Italian journey!
The concept of the box with Italian food was born to create an all-around taste experience. It is not limited to the single product but creates a 100% Italian atmosphere, creates a moment of sharing and joy.
Through a Sweetaly box you can travel around Italy: from the sunny Amalfi coast to the beautiful Venice lagoon.
We at Sweetaly want to take you to introduce you to Italy, its culture, tradition and vitality.
Seasonality of products is very important to us, so the boxes will change throughout the year, so you will discover Italy in all its facets. The products we select come from small producers scattered all over Italy, we try to have a sustainable supply chain and support small realities too!
We want to bring you 100% genuine and Italian products and we constantly search for the best quality.
We ask only one thing of you.... HAVE FUN!
Explore Italy through its recipes and play with the products, combine new flavors and share them with loved ones, give a moment of joy to yourself and those around you.
We really believe in this project and want to share it with you 100%, write to us and tell us your impressions, share your creations send them to us, we will be so happy to see you at work!

"Say it with an Italian box!"