Italian Truffle Collection

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    Italy is a generous land, try our collection of truffles if you don’t believe us

    Our truffles are selected and packaged in Tuscany, by skilled hands through artisanal processes. That’s because we want to give you only the best

    11 products
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    Parmigiano Reggiano Cream With Tuscan Truffle
    Artichoke and white truffle Cream
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    "Desiderio" Truffle petals to grate
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    Pecorino Cream With Pepper and Truffle
    Pure Organic Tuscan Saffron
    Crystals of salt with truffle
    Sale price $14.00 Regular price $18.00
    Truffle Cream
    Cashews with Summer Truffle
    Truffle slices in Extra virgin olive oil
    Truffle Slicer in Inox
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