Italian cookies: the perfect gift for any occasion

by Ale Mx

Italy is well known for its passion, style and love for food. Think of Italy and you’ll instantly conjure up images of pasta and pizza. You may even think of ice cream, but only those who have been there will think of Italian cookies and how delightful they are for any occasion.

It’s something you should be aware of. Once you’ve tried Italian cookies you won’t settle for anything else.

What is the most popular cookie in Italy

Choosing the most popular cookie in Italy is a difficult decision. There is a huge array of delicious Italian cookie recipes. However, it’s comparatively easy to shorten the competition to two main players: Amaretti cookies and Italian honey cookies. Both are worth a closer look.

Honey Italian cookies

Honey Italian cookies are a delightful afternoon treat: you’ll be able to taste the quality and characteristics of honey with a hint of orange and lemon. The cookies are surprisingly simple to make, they melt in your mouth and are potentially the most popular cookies in Italy.

The original recipe is believed to be from the Calabria area of Italy and has been handed down from generation to generation.

It should be noted that there are several types of Italian honey cookies, such as the holiday cookie or the ball cookie. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee it will taste delicious.

Amaretti cookies

The Amaretti cookie is perhaps the most famous of all Italian cookies. The original Italian cookie recipe is believed to have been created in the 18th century. It’s said they were a secret recipe which a newly married couple used to make cookies for the local bishop. In return, he blessed their marriage. Today, these almond-flavored cookies are consumed daily with coffee and tea.

Of course, there is an extensive collection of other Italian cookies, including:

  • Befanini

The first mention of a Befanini cookie was in the bible when it spoke of the Three Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus. The cookie has continued to be popular since!

  • Biscotti

Originally, these cookies were made with flour, water and a little honey. They were carried by Roman soldiers between places as they were both a credible food source and easily carried.

Today’s versions of the Biscotti include a variety of additional flavors, making them taste fantastic.

  • Florentine

The Florentine cookie may actually be French! It’s become associated with Italy and has a distinctive nutty flavor. They are still seen as a delicacy in Italy today.

  • Pizzelle

It’s believed to be the world’s oldest cookie. They are generally made with a star shape imprinted on top and are a favorite around Christmas time.

Italian cookies as a gift

Italian cookies can also make excellent gifts, and you don’t need to visit Italy to sample them. There are several reputable suppliers of Italian biscuits, so you can select your desired products online and have them delivered in a matter of days.

Equally, you can choose your preferred Italian cookie recipe, order your flower, organic honey and other necessary ingredients, and make them yourself. There are plenty of recipe suggestions online: you just need to experiment and choose the one you like the most.

Whether you order the cookies or make them yourself, you can wrap them and they’ll be seen as the perfect gift.

Summing Up

It can be hard to find the right gift for many people. The modern, fast-paced world means that most people buy what they want when they want it. Offering Italian cookies as a gift is both personal and delightful. Try it: you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well they are received.