The Italian pastry you don't expect (or do you?)

by alex masca

What is the quintessential Italian pastry? Well, there is no real answer to this question; there are many options to evaluate and consider. But which ones are the most famous and delicious? Definitely in first place are the Sicilian cannoli (delicious!), in second place are the sfogliatelle (made with very few ingredients and very genuine), and finally there are the biscotti, of many types and shapes, each type of biscotti has its own time of year.

Let's explain more about cannoli, surely these are the best known sweets of all, they are tubes of very crispy dough filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and very often they are dipped in chocolate sauce (but also pistachio cream, how good!).

What about sfogliatelle? Also very popular, these pastries are fluffy pastries that have layers upon layers of delicate crust and inside have a creamy filling...they are really good! The creamy filling is sweetened ricotta cheese flavored with orange peel and cinnamon.

Cookies on the other hand? These sweets are somewhat left aside when thinking about Italian pastries, because they are usually not very flashy in appearance, as other Italian pastries are. But biscotti are special (like Canestrelli), they are super crispy and go perfectly with a good Italian espresso!

But what are the desserts you don't expect?
There are indeed many Italian desserts that are little known such as ziti cake, it is baked and covered with a cream cheese frosting.
Then there are Struffoli, fried dough balls covered with honey and sprinkles (they look just like decorated Christmas trees). The Italian ice cream deserves special mention (although it is not really a dessert). Eating ice cream in Italy is a ritual, whether you are in Venice or Sicily, ice cream enjoyed during a nice summer walk is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

But why are Italian desserts so renowned?
The simple answer is that Italian desserts are good, we Italians have a great love for food and the when we produce it this love is also transmitted to the cooked.
Another reason is the use of fresh ingredients. Local and artisanal products make every bite special.
Finally, Italian desserts are have different combinations of flavors in their recipe. Spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon go well with chocolates or mascarpone cheese, and tart, Italian fruit balances it all out.
When it comes to Italian desserts there really is something for everyone.

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