Saporoso the Best Luxury Balsamic Vinegar in the World

by S F


Sometimes it takes many generations to achieve perfection in the things we love but when the tradition, the creativity and the handicraft allow this, becomes evident that it was worth it. Saporoso, the Black Condiment Malpighi, received the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2021 in category: "Best Luxury Balsamic Vinegar in the World". Every year, the Luxury Lifestyle Award rewards the best international companies of design, food and hospitality, over the years many luxury companies have received the award: Chanel, Dom Perignon and Ferrari.

"It's an honour for us to receive this important award, we have been working hard for this recognition which acknowledges the uniqueness of our balsamic vinegars- says Massimo Malpighi President of Acetaia Malpighi - Saporoso was born in 2003 from a careful research process that continues today to maintain high quality standards to satisfy our customers. Saporoso turns to the customers who like modern cuisine, it's an innovative product between DOP and IGP with his own soul. Who chooses Saporoso knows our brand, Acetaia Malpighi guarantees the high quality of the product that is suitable for everyday use. Saporoso has its own identity, it was introduced in the market 20 years ago and it has gained a specific market share, this award is an acknowledgement that Saporoso is the best luxury balsamic vinegar in the world".

Saporoso is obtained from cooked grape must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco, from vineyards of the Malpighi Family and it's aged in oak wooden barrels for at least 6 years, it has a soft and full-bodied taste and it is very versatile in cooking. Saporoso is suitable for salad dressings, on cooked and raw vegetables, roast meat and game, an essential ingredient for creativity in the every day kitchen.