Practical guide to making a great gift for mom!

by alex masca

Mother's Day is approaching and choosing the perfect gift is very important. The gift should say many things: "I love you," "you are the best mom in the world," or "sometimes you drive me crazy but without you I would be lost."
When we talk about moms, it is obvious that they are not all the same and that each one has her own peculiarities and tastes (especially when it comes to cooking). We at Sweetaly know this very well. Italian moms are really tough but it is impossible not to love them!
With this article we want to help you find the perfect gift for your mom and to make her happy on her special day, although after all, every day is Mother's Day!

The sweet mom

If your mom is a very sweet and loving person these boxes are just the right gift for her. This box and all the ones we will present have a small online downloadable recipe book inside. 

Dolce Gusto Experience Box

  • Zabaione Dessert Cream "Italian Within" (180g / 6,34 oz)
  • Amalfi Lemon Cookies "Loison" (200g / 7,05 oz)
  • Pistachio Cream "Italian Within" (180g / 6,34 oz)
  • Taralli Sweet Lemon Glaze "Cerchi di Grano" (250g / 8,8 oz)
  • "Cantucci" Almond Tuscan  Cookies (300g / 10,6 oz)
  • Gianduja Cream "Italian Within" (220g / 7,76 oz)

Happy Brithday to you!

  • Saffron Italian Risotto (220g / 7,7 oz)
  • Hazelnuts Salted Caramel Cake "Tosa"  (300g /10,6 oz)
  • Taralli "Cerchi di Grano" of Apulian's tradition (300g / 10,6 oz)
  • Spaghetti "Cipriani" Organic Pasta (500g / 17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)
  • Tomato sauce with olives "De Carlo" (300g /10,6 oz)
  • Caramelized red onions "Corrado Benedetti" (300g /10,6 oz)
  • Pitted EVO oil "Muraglia" (glass 250 ml - 8,4 oz) 
  • Lemon flavored almond Bon Bons (200g / 7oz)


The healthy mom

When it comes to moms you know, everyone is very careful about their children's nutrition but here we want to talk about the moms who are very fond of nature, products that come from the earth and are healthy. Here is the perfect gift for these moms who love wholesome products but without sacrificing taste:

Healthy and Tasty Experience Box

  • Grilled Peppers in Olive Oil  (280g / 9,8 oz)
  • Grilled Eggplant in Olive Oil (280g / 9,8 oz)
  • Grilled Zucchine in Olive Oil (280g / 9,8 oz)
  • Saffron Italian Risotto "Italian Within" (220g / 7,7 oz)
  • Truffle Italia Risotto "Italian Within" (220g / 7,7 oz)
  • Pinzimolio EVO oil "Frantoio Calvi" (250 ml / 8,4 oz)

Liguria Starter Pack

  • Trofie Pasta "Frantoio Sant'Agata" (500g / 17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)
  • Ligurian Pesto DOP "Italian Within"  (130g / 4,5 oz)
  • Ligurian Red Pesto DOP "Italian Within" (130g / 4,5 oz)
  • Taggiasca olive Paté  "Frantoio Calvi"  (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Little artichokes in EVO oil "Frantoio Calvi" (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Olive Leaves Pasta "Frantoio Sant'Agata" (500g / 17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)


The determined mom

These two boxes are perfect for all those moms who love classic, toasty cooking. For all those moms who aren't afraid of anything and are a bit of our superheroines.

Spicy Calabria Experience Box

Spicy calabria

  • "Calabria in Cucina" Cook-book
  • "La Struncatura" Handmade Calabrian Pasta (500g / 17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)
  • Picchè Sauce (290g / 10,22 oz)
  • Bomb Sauce

Olive Lovers Experience Box

  • Taggiasca olive paté (130g / 4,5 oz)
  • Olive and Basil Pesto (130g / 4,5 oz)
  • Taggiasca olives without stone in EVO oil - Frantoio Calvi  (180g / 6,3 oz)
  • Pitted Taggiasca Olives and Citrus (270g / 9,5oz)
  • "Frastagliata" Pasta with Olive Paté (250g / 8,8 oz)

The traditional mom

If your mom is a traditionalist who likes to stick to recipes and loves old-fashioned flavors, here are two ideas that are just right for her! Dedicated to all moms who bring us the unmistakable flavors of home.

I sapori del Sud Experience pack

Flavors of South

  • Taralli "Cerchi di Grano" of Apulian's tradition (300g / 10,6 oz)
  • EVO Oil Muraglia - Intense Fruity  (250 ml - 8,4 oz) 
  • "Arrabbiata" Sauce DeCarlo (300g / 10,6 oz)
  • "Tagliarelle" Cipriani Pasta (500g / 17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)
  • Pistachio Bon Bon - soft amaretto (200g / 7oz)
Italian Must Have Experience Box

  • Sicilian garlic with aromatic Herbs (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Ligurian EVO oil "Buon Frutto" (500 ml / 16,9 fl oz) 
  • Balsamic of Modena IGP Gold "Acetaia Malpighi" (250ml)
  • Pasta Spaghetti "Voiello" (500g /17,6 oz)
  • Datterino tomato sauce 
  • Italian Cheese Fondue "Italian Within" (130g / 4,6 oz)

The party mom

Does your mom love to host dinners with friends, loves to chat and have drinks? Here are the perfect gifts for a mom who knows how to have fun and party!

'The Original Aperitivo' Experience Box

  • Taggiasca olives without stone in EVO oil "Frantoio Calvi"  (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Cherry Peppers Stuffed With Mediterranean Tuna "Frantoio Calvi" (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • "Grissinotti" Bread Sticks with olives from Liguria (130g / 4,6 oz)
  • Taralli "Classico" (250g / 8,82 oz)
  • Dried Tomatoes in EVO oil "Frantoio Calvi" (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Artichoke Paté "Italian Within" 
  • Anchovy Fillets 

'It's a Match' Experience Box

  • Grana Padano 200gr / 7.05oz
  • Amarone Affined Cheese 200 gr / 7.05oz
  • Piedmont Acacia Honey "Gran Cucina" 250g / 8.8 oz
  • Balsamic vinegar cream 220g / 7.76 oz
  • Bamboo Cutting Board

Mom is always Mom

Are you still undecided? Now we've come to the end and want to give you one more idea. Here is the perfect box that gets all kinds of moms in agreement:

'La Mamma' Italian Gift Box

  • Boletus Mushrooms Carnaroli Risotto (210g / 7,4 oz)
  • Spaghetti "Voiello" Pasta (500g /17,6 oz / 1,1 lb)
  • Tomato Sauce "Cipriani" (340g / 12 oz)
  • Little artichokes in EVO oil "Frantoio Calvi" (180g/ 6,3 oz)
  • Cheese fondue “Italian Within” (130g / 4,6 oz)
  • Ligurian Pesto DOP "Italian Within"  (130g / 4,5 oz)
  • Zabaione Dessert Cream "Italian Within" (180g / 6,34 oz)

This year on Mother's Day remind her how much you love her.
Best wishes to all the moms in the world.

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